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Press Release:


The off-road world now has three wheel sizes from which to choose. Through extensive research and ride testing, Giant has
thoroughly analyzed how each size performs under different riding styles and in varying conditions. Our findings show that
mountain bikes with 27.5-inch wheels deliver superior performance without the compromises of 26 or 29-inch-wheel bikes.
So to create the best off-road riding experience, Giant has fully committed its 2014 lineup to this superior technology.

Why 27.5?

There is a common misconception that the performance of 27.5 technology sits squarely in the middle between 26 and 29. But
as our data reveals, 27.5 actually displays some of the best characteristics of 26 and 29—and it never measures out exactly in
the middle.

When it comes to weight, 27.5 performs more like 26—it’s light and agile. And for efficiency and control, it outperforms 29.
Rather than introduce a single 27.5 model, as some of our competitors have, Giant is rolling out entirely new designs and
engineering solutions to maximize the performance advantages of 27.5-inch wheels. Here’s why:

27.5 TECHNOLOGY: Three reasons to believe

Lighter Weight
• 27.5-inch wheels are only five percent heavier than 26-inch. By comparison, 29-inch wheels are 11 percent heavier than
• Overall weights of 27.5 bikes also trend closer to 26 than heavier 29 versions of the same series.

More Efficient
• 27.5 wheels accelerate much like 26, outperforming the more sluggish feel of 29-inch wheels.
• 27.5 wheels roll over obstacles with much more control than 26. That translates into more efficient cornering,
acceleration and braking capabilities.

Better Control
• The larger the diameter of a wheel, the greater the contact patch of the tire. A larger contact patch results in better
traction—which improves acceleration, deceleration and cornering. 27.5 wheels provide a contact patch that is similar
to 29-inch wheels.
• The larger the wheel, the larger the frame dimensions must be—and that leads to unwanted flex. A flexing frame
causes sloppy handling and slower acceleration under heavy power. A 27.5 frame flexes less than a 29 frame,
resulting in better control.

1. Weight

Every rider experiences two types of weight affecting their ride: overall bike weight and rotational wheel weight. Here’s a
closer look at these two forces and how different wheel sizes alter the dynamics of your ride:

Overall Bike Weight 
Compare the weights of identically equipped bikes with different wheel sizes and you’ll see substantial weight differences. As
expected, the 26-inch-wheel bike is somewhat lighter than the 27.5, and substantially lighter than the 29 (up to two pounds of
overall bike weight savings from 29 to 27.5). Every gram saved helps you ride faster.

Wheel/Tire Weight
The overall weight of a 27.5 wheelset (wheel, tire and inner tube) is only 5% greater than that of an identically built 26-inch
wheelset. Compare this to the 12% increase of a 29-inch wheelset and you can see how a seemingly small increase in
diameter results in substantial weight gain—and poorer performance when climbing or accelerating.

2. Efficiency

Increased wheel diameter decreases the angle of attack (the angle in which a round object intersects a square object). This
is a good thing. A 29-inch wheel rolls over a 6-centimeter square-edge obstacle 14% more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel
does. In comparison, a 27.5-inch wheel rolls over the same obstacle 9.8% more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel does.

Another way to analyze angle of attack is the degree of impact—where 26-inch equals X degree, 27.5 equals X-4 degrees
and 29 equals X-6 degrees. Again, a shallower angle is better—so 29-inch takes the win, with 27.5 exhibiting nearly the same
performance but without the weight penalty.

Frame Stiffness
Lateral (side-to-side) frame stiffness can be affected by wheel size. To accommodate larger wheels, frame dimensions must
be elongated. Therefore, a size medium 29-inch wheel frame has more lateral flex (bottom bracket and headtube) than a size
medium 27.5- or 26-inch wheel frameset. Additional flex compromises handling under heavy pedaling or sharp cornering.

3. Control

Frame Geometry
The larger the wheel, the more difficult it is to optimize geometry, especially on smaller frames. As the frame size decreases,
head tube heights become higher (in relation to saddle height). On 26 or 27.5-inch frames, it’s less of a problem, but geometry
limitations can affect smaller 29-inch-wheel frames.

The larger the diameter of a wheel, the greater the contact patch of the tire. A larger contact patch results in better traction,
which leads to improved acceleration, deceleration and cornering. As you can see below, a 27.5-inch wheel has a similar
contact patch to the 29.


Giant 2014: The end for 26ers?

Artikel dicedok dari PinkBike.Com (Klik sini)

650B For Giant's 2014 Elite-Level Mountain Bikes

Giant USA released its 2014 bike lineup to the press and it comes as no surprise that mid-sized wheels play a large role in the brand's upper level mountain bike range. We were surprised, however, to discover that Giant will up-size all of its most important 26 inch all-mountain and dual-suspension trailbikes to 27.5 inch wheels, as well as down-size its 29er XC-racing hardtails and short-travel dual-suspension bikes to 27.5 as well. Giant will still offer its key 29er XC racing bikes next season and the Reign-X and Glory will be 26-inch only - for now - but the writing is definitely on the wall at Giant USA.

Many mid-size-wheel naysayers insist that 27.5-inch wheels are an industry-driven fad being pushed upon customers who never asked for it. After two years in the mainstream, though, the growth of 650B points at an entirely different scenario. While there is significant push-back from existing mountain bike owners, new-bike customers seem perfectly happy to buy in to 650B. Traditionally, cyclists readily accept significant, but incremental improvements in drivetrains and frame design. Rather than inciting a revolution, apparently, the 650B wheel is being accepted similarly - as a worthwhile performance enhancement to the basic mountain bike. I believe that Giant USA has done its homework on this one and could be poised to take a leadership role among North America's 'Big Three' brands. - RC 

Does This Spell the End of 26-inch Wheels For Giant?

Pinkbike asked Giant USA's Global Product Marketing Manager Andrew Juskaitis a few questions about the switch to 27.5-inch wheels:

PB: Is Giant USA eliminating 29 and 26-inch wheels from its XC, Trail and AM models for 2104?

· No, not entirely for 2014. Reign X and Glory remain 26 inch for 2014 and Anthem X and Trance X will still be offered in 29-inch. But that story will change in the future….

PB: So, there are no 29er XC racing bikes for 2014?

· Anthem X 29er, XtC Advanced 29er and XtC Composite 29er will still be offered.

PB: Will Giant follow this path throughout its DH range next year?

· Can’t answer that question directly, but you can imagine that if we believe so strongly in 27.5 for the majority of our range in 2014, you can guess what might happen in our future…

PB: Can we expect to see 29 and 26-inch wheels eventually disappear in Giant's consumer-priced bikes in the near future?

· 26-inch for sure, but 29-inch will be dependent on market feedback. That said, if the market progresses the way we believe it will, 29-inch will be phased out in approximately two years....again, totally dependent on market feedback.
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Workout 20 minit sempena Ramadhan

Latihan kali ini yang akoo cuba nak maintainkan sepanjang bulan puasa ini. Target buat selepas balik tarawikh dan selepas tidorkan anak-anak comel kat umah ni. Umminya pandai tidor sendiri. Tak de masalah. Workout ni dikatakan interval la nih. Akoo layan atas trainer. Kalau takde trainer, boleh layan atas jalan raya yang rata.

Bermula dengan sesi memanaskan badan selama 2 minit dengan putaran 30%.

Fasa 1
- 10 saat push diselangi dengan 20 saat santai
- Lakukan 10 pusingan - 5 minit
- Kemudian lakukan kayuhan secara rehat - 1 minit

Fasa 2
- 10 saat push dan 10 saat santai 
- Lakukan 9 pusingan - 3 minit 
- Kemudian kayuhan rehat selama 30 saat

Fasa 3
- 20 saat push dan 40 saat santai 
- Lakukan 5 set - 5 minit 
- Selepas tu terus masuk ke Fasa 4

Fasa 4
- 20 saat push dan 20 saat santai 
- Lakukan sebanyak 6 set - 4 minit
- Kemudian warming down utk 2 minit 

So secara keseluruhan workout ini adalah - 22 minit ++ sahaja. Dengan masa yang terhad ini, akoo bercadang nak teruskan workout sebegini sehingga abis bulan Ramadhan ini. Selamat mencuba... 

Jom check BMI...

Adakah Body Mass Index (BMI) anda? Apakah BMI anda dalam keadaan yang memuaskan? Apa itu BMI? 

BMI = suatu pengukuran yang dikira berdasarkan ketinggian dan berat seseorang. 


BMI kurang daripada 18.5 = kurang berat badan
BMI diantara 18.5-24.9 = normal
BMI diantara 25-29.9 = berat badan berlebihan.
BMI lebih daripada 30 = obes

Sekiranya sukar untuk membuat kira-kira, sila try BMI widget yang sudah akoo letak di sebelah kanan blog ini. Silalah cuba. 

Akoo punya BMI agak teruk juga ni. 
Untuk BMI yang ideal untuk akoo, akoo kena turunkan berat badan sehingga jadi 62kg sahaja. So ada 18kg lagi untuk dilupuskan. Dengan faktor umur, kerjaya, rumah tangga dan masa - mungkin ia menjadi satu cabaran yang agak extreme untuk dicapai. Tetapi akoo akan cuba juga untuk mendapatkannya. 

Carta BMI

Tetapi, BMI ini tidaklah tepat sangat untuk menunjukkan tahap kesihatan seseorang dan ia sebenarnya kadang-kala bercanggah. Ambil contoh beberapa pemain ragbi yang terkenal di dunia.

Jonny Wilkinson 
Tinggi 178cm, berat 89kg dan BMI 28.09

Sonny Bill William (Muslim)
Tinggi 194cm, berat 108kg, BMI 28.7

 Ma'a Nonu
Tinggi 182cm, berat 106kg, BMI 32 (obes tu!)

Kesimpulannya, BMI ni bukanlah tepat sangat tapi bolehlah digunakan untuk membuat rujukan dan target bila kita ingin mencapai berat yang ideal. Nak tambah tinggi dah tak boleh dah. 

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Puzzle terakhir sudah pun sampai...

Cuba carik huruf tersembunyi

Akhirnya, completelah sudah group set beskal ini. So boleh dah stop upgred untuk beberapa bulan. Hehehe. So skarang nih tinggal saddle, wheelset, fork dan tayar sahaja yang masih kekal dari basikal Polygon dulu. Ni pun tengah berkira-kira nak dapatkan wheelset XT. Kalau dah dapat, itu namanya super-completed.

Brek ini adalah ihsan dari abang senior - Aziz Talha yang upgred ke XTR. Pakej yang menarik (2 kali bayar) tapi dah agak ketat juga syaratnya. Dulu beli crank XT pun dapat 3 kali bayar. Terima kasih Abam Ajiz

Unstoppable - takde brek!

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Mark Cavendish’s Specialized S-Works McLaren Venge

Basikal spesel untuk Mark Cavendish. Sayang masa TdF baru nih dia agak tenggelam oleh Marcel Kittel.

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Interval Training: 10-Speeds to Improve Pedaling Efficiency

10 saat - Kelajuan untuk meningkatkan kecekapan mengayuh
Sila rujuk gambarajah di atas

Training ini akan membantu dalam meningkatkan kecekapan dan kelancaran cadence. 
Kayuh sekuat hati untuk 10 saat (sehingga 90-110 rpm) dan kemudiannya kayuh secara relax dan santai untuk 20 saat. 
Ulang semula sehingga 10-15 minit dengan diselangi rehat selama 5 minit. 
Jadi satu set akan menjadi 15-20 minit.
Jika buat 3 full set = Satu jam yang gemilang. 

Sumber rujukan: (Klik Sini)

Chris Froome menang Tour de France

Chris Froome telah menepati ramalan sebagai favourite untuk memenangi Tour de France edisi ke-100 dengan meninggalkan Quintana di tempat ke-2 dengan 4 minit 20 saat. Quintana juga telah memenangi kategori pelumba muda dan King of Mountain. Jersi Hijau kekal milik Peter Sagan. 

Ada yang mengatakan sepatutnya Froome telah menang sejak dari 2012 sewaktu beliau membantu Bradley Wiggins menjadi atlet British pertama memenangi TdF di mana Froome lebih hebat dalam stage berbukit seperti mana beliau telah memenangi 2 stage termasuk Vermont di mana kali terakhir pemegang Jersi Kuning memenangi stage tersebut adalah pada 1970 oleh Eddy Merck. 

TdF telah menutup tirainya pada Stage 21 yg tamat di Paris Champ-Elysees di mana Marcel Kittel telah menamatkan penguasaan Mark Cavendish selama 4 tahun berturut-turut di pentas penamat ini. 

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Frame idaman on sale pula - TREK 8.9...

Murah je ni. 2nd la tapi. RM1500 je. Saiz pun dah kena. Barang baik biasanya muncul kat BBS time akoo tak de sen. Kalau ada bajet, memang akoo dah amik dah nih. Cuma kalau amik jugak, memang kena beli fork lain la sebab frame ni jenis tapered. Warghh.....

Iklan asal (klik sini)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 2 comments

Demi Pusara Negara, PCP dikorbankan sikit.

Ala sikit je. Kat Pump track je. Tapi ramai yang sedih sebab last gap tu dah tak de. Tak leh nak lompat dah. Akoo pun tak sempat nak melompat kat situ. Gambar² ni diambil pada hari akoo jatuh dulu. 9 Jun 2013. Skang dah lain skit dah progressnya.

Sebelah tayar belakang beskal tu la jalan yang asal mendaki ke dessert hill. So skang nih diorang dah buat trail yang lain macam divert skit tapi agak curam juga. 

Yang nampak macam denai belah kiri sebelah kanan tepi pokok sawit tu la jalan yang baru. Masa gambar ni diambil dia belum betul² padat lagi. Skang dah padat dah dan tak susah untuk climbing. 

Nampak bulatan dan bulatan merah? Kat situ lah yang akan jadi Pusara Negara untuk tanam negarawan yang berjasa di negara ini. Siapa la yang akan rasmikan tempat ni menjadi jenazahnya. Kita tunggguuuuu....
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Want to sell: MacMahone XC Fullsus - Final offer!!

Menjual bagi pihak rakan - Alvin Goh
Iklan asal di BBS (Klik Sini)

Hardly ride. The most 3 -4 months. Very rare frame. Not many in the country.
Suitable for riders with attitude. Good climb and fast rolling!!

Condition - 9.8/10
Cosmetic - 9.5 /10
Color - Green and white
Price - RM 4099 - 3 days only!!

Frame - MacMahone Lionheart XC
Size - 17
Rear shock - Rockshox Monarch 4.2
Front Fork - XFusion Velvet (120mm) 15mm thru axle
Handlebars - Ritchey Superlogic Carbon 
Stem - Truvativ Stylo T30 (70mm)
Headset - MacMahone 
Seat clamp - Macmahone
Grips - SRAM Foam Grip
Seatpost - Truativ
Front brake - Avid Elixr 7
Rear brake - Avid Elixr 7
Rotor - XX 180mm
Cranks - X7 (2 x10)
Chain - SRAM X7
Pedals - Wellgo
Front derailleur - XT
Rear derailleur - X7
Front shifter - X7
Rear shifter - X7
Cassette - SRAM 10 speed
Wheelset - Macmahone King Rim (Black with white spokes and red nipples)
Tyres - Tubeless Panaracer 2.1 UST
Total weight - 12.4 kg (can reduce further with better upgrades!!)

Call / SMS / Wassup me @ 0123223600 (Alvin). Bike can be view in Klang anytime. Call or text me for arrangements or directions. 

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Upgred di tempat cuci beskal PCP

Hari Sabtu, puasa ke-4 akoo bawak anak jalan-jalan. Singgah sekejap ke PCP saja nak tengok ramai ke orang. Tengok kat tempat skate memang tak de orang. Yang ada nampaknya beberapa geng Cina tengah basuh basikal. Baru perasan ada tempat stand kat tempat cuci tu. Kiranya senang la skit nak membasuh beskal lepas ni. Tak yah la sandar kat dinding atau diterbalikkan. Tak berapa baik diterbalikkan nih takut air masuk dalam tube.

Jangan tiru aksi ini. Ini adalah salah guna kemudahan namanya.

Ni baru betul. Layan PCP satu loop lepas Asar Puasa ke-5.

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Interval Training: Flying 40s to Enhance Muscular Endurance

Kepada yang kekurangan masa seperti akoo tapi ada trainer (pinjam) di rumah. So ada beberapa teknik untuk memperhebatkan dan memperkasakan kaki yang boleh dicuba di rumah. So teknik kali ini dinamakan dalam BM nya:

40 saat untuk meningkatkan ketahanan otot
(Sila rujuk gambarajah di atas)

Graf hijau gelap - Kayuh sekuat / selaju yang boleh 
Graf hijau muda - Kayuh recovery

Kayuh kuat 40 saat kemudian recovery 20 saat dan ulang semula selama 10 kali = 10 minit
Kemudian kayuh secara rehat / santai / releks selama 5 minit
So satu set = 10m + 5m = 15 minit. 
Sila buat 4 set so jumlahnya menjadi - 60 minit (sejam)

Sumber rujukan: (Klik Sini)
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BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor - untuk Basikalis

Kombinasi kereta dan basikal sangat diperlukan oleh basikalis-basikalis yang perlu berada di sesuatu tempat sebelum melancarkan mesin yang menggunakan kekuatan zahir. Inilah hasilnya. Suatu konsep oleh BMW. Gantung belakang boleh kena rembat. Sangkut atas pun bahaya kalau terlupa boleh terlanggar fly-over. So simpan dalam lagi selamat. Kalau orang tu boleh bukak kereta untuk rembat basikal, baik diorang rembat sekali dengan keretanya. Pembacaan lanjut boleh klik sini (

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Jumper jatuh kat PCP

Setelah 4 minggu berlalu lepas kejadian stunt not fun dulu, akoo try juga masuk ke PCP sebelum bermulanya Ramadhan 1434 ni. Dah banyak ajak orang, tak de pun yang kata nak join. So akoo layankan aje lah sorang-sorang. Dalam pukul 6.00 petang start. Sebelum sampai ke Rock Garden terserempak dengan seorang brader. Pastu ada lagi 2 brader muncul. Salah sorangnya adalah kelibat yang dikenali sangat biasa di PCP - Yazid. 

So follow diorang la. Ramai skit kurang skit risiko. Tapi yang pasti diorang ni downhill bukan main laju. Makan debu je la akoo. Dah la cuaca kering dan berdebu tambahan pula ada sisa-sisa asap dari pembakaran terbuka so agak bekerja keras juga paru-paru ni. Lepas habis semua loop, lepak sekejap kat pump track tengok geng Freeride & Dirt jump main lompat-lompat. Pastu sambung 2nd round. 

Kedengaran bunyi ambulan tapi tidak dipedulikan sebab tak terpikir apa-apa pun. Cuma bila dah abis loop, baru perasan yang ada rider berbalut bahu. Ada yg cakap dislocated, ada yang cakap collarbone fracture. Mana satu yg betul pun tak tahu. Yang akoo tau, masa landing dia silap dan jatuh ke sebelah kanan. Akoo sempat mengucapkan semoga cepat sembuh kat brader tu masa dia kat dalam ambulan. 

Macam biasa, lepas maghrib baru sampai di rumah. 

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Bertarikh 26/10/2013, Cameron Riders Cycling Club bersama-sama Pejabat Kesihatan Cameron Highlands, Polis Diraja Malaysia dan juga Kementeriaan Belia dan sukan akan mengadakan satu funride event yg diberi nama CAMERON HIGHLANDS THOMPSON TRAIL MTB FUNRIDE 2013.

Details boleh klik di sini.

InsyaAllah akoo akan join dengan geng GTRiDERS car pool beramai-ramai. 
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Red Bull Jungle Meltdown 2013 - Bukit Ramlee

Maklumat lanjut di sini